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Neil Pennycook returned as Meursault this year, with the three-year break for the project allowing Pennycook to recalibrate; the result is an album of majestic, sorrowful beauty and touches of light. From the scratchy yet delightful Pissing On Bonfires / Kissing With Tongues to the slicker, more fully formed Something For The Weakened, Scottish band Meursault have always displayed a charm and panache that set them apart from their peers full of gorgeous melodies and gentle, lilting harmonies. . Raw emotion and personal tumult have been fertile ground for Neil Pennycook & co. but it’s not all sad strumming and “woe is me” laments; their songs bite and swoon and soar, sometimes softly, sometimes majestically. And while they’ve been getting steadily more uptempo and polished in their writing, Pennycook’s voice can still stab like a dagger of ice to the heart.