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NE-HI are a band from Chicago. Upon the release of their latest full-length Offers, the band has been praised for their lively performances and healthy blend of punk with ’60’s garage rock. The setting was absolutely perfect for enjoying their music, in a small room at the London Hotel, a home studio operated by The Wild Honey Pie. Chicago’s NE-HI have come out of the basement for their second album, one that sees the band shaping their wiry garage rock sound for larger stages while still honing their musical personalities.

They performed special version of our favorite song off their new album: “Offers,” a song filled with driving guitar riffs and only two brief moments of vocals, and electrifying rock gem “Out of Reach.” Directors Erik Rojas and Joe Micho really captured their high-energy recording process with constantly shifting perspectives of each band member as they lose themselves in the music. Be sure to check out full-length album “Offers” which was released in February of 2017.