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Casting Out Parts 2 and 3

Mercury Prize nominated brothers Peter and David Brewis bring to the table a cinematic score composed to accompany Scottish filmmaker John Grierson’s pioneering 1929 silent film Drifters, which followed fishermen in the harsh conditions of the North Sea. The concept was originally commissioned by Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival a couple of years back, and audiences can soon experience the accompaniment to the documentary live in cinemas around the UK. Alternatively just pop on this silver coloured LP and let Field Music’s two sides of rhythmic instrumental wash over you.


On its own without the film it’s a very pleasant listen but obviously not up there with the proper FM albums.

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Field Music – Music For Drifters: This specially commissioned instrumental album places Field Music’s unique brand of realist art-pop in a whole new context. As an instrumental score, fans may miss the clever kitchen sink turns of phrase that have populated Field Music lyrics since 2005’s self-titled debut, but ‘Music For Drifters’ breaks down the band’s distinctive sound to its raw DNA.