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Asheville, North Carolina’s Jake Lenderman, best-known for playing guitar in the band Wednesday, will soon release his latest solo album as MJ Lenderman, “Boat Songs” (to be released April 29th, Dear Life Records). Singles like “Hangover Game,” which presents an alternate theory about Michael Jordan’s legendary “flu game,” and “You Have Bought Yourself a Boat,” in which somebody buys a boat, have us hankering for more from Lenderman, whose shaggy alt-country sound belies thoughtful, detailed and down-to-earth song writing, through which his sense of humour also shines.

The artist says his new songs, the first he’s recorded in a professional studio, “chase fulfillment and happiness” above all else.

Released January 20th, 2021

written recorded and produced by MJ Lenderman and Karly Hartzman
Owen Ashworth vox and keys on Phish Pepsi