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The Shifters in Paris

Melbourne’s The Shifters are quite possibly my current favourite purveyors of your guitar-based rock-and-or-roll,” commented Captured Tracks label head Mike Sniper upon its release. “In fact, they come from the best scene of that genre, the one in mullet-ravaged young Australia”.

“Left Bereft” sounds like it could be set in a post apocalyptic world or today. According to the band it’s “an overly simplified rabble-rouser that people who maybe use English as a second or third language can understand and maybe feel a bit of solidarity. I like to imagine drunk students in France listening to it whilst wrestling on the kitchen table.” Their Fall-ism’s abound here, but it’s so good (and Mark’s gone) that I’m just happy there’s band doing similar stuff at such a top level quality while putting their own stamp on it.

Back in March, the band released a 26-track rarities collection titled ‘Open Vault’ comprised of unreleased studio material, early demos, live renditions and solo home recordings from between 2016 and 2019. The collection also features covers of songs by Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Ray Davies and Death in June.

 Melbourne, Australia. The Shifters released a new 7″ vinyl single – ‘Left Bereft’ – via New York label Captured Tracks.