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U.S. Girls were hands down one of the best bands seen at SXSW this year. On the heels of their eighth LP, In a Poem Unlimited (4AD), the Meghan Remy led band put down perhaps the best performance we’ve ever seen at the festival. Their mid-week set at Cheer Up Charlie’s had it all: A complex eight-piece arrangement (later in the week at Hotel Vegas, it would be a nine-piece), With fiery performances from every member of the band on every song and, best of all, Remy’s extravagant artistry. She was an impeccable bandleader on “Window Shades” and a benevolent disco diva on “Mad As Hell.” Remy and U.S. Girls have become a revelatory band cut from the same cloth as ABBA and Blondie, with a decidedly modern and avant-garde spin. Their appearances at this year’s festival ought to be bronzed and held up as a model for all future SXSW performers.

U.S. Girls  “Half Free” takes its battles inside and outside the nuclear family. When Meghan Remy tells her audience that her character will hang herself on the family tree, she means it. The protagonists exploring the record are those living lives considered antiquated, dealing with the impact of the second-shift (“Window Shades”) and eventually considering children to be foes (“Navy & Cream”). Instead of making an album that critiques the family dynamic and attacks conservative notions of what living means, Remy allows listeners to position themselves as the women in her album. It is an odd choice, considering that these characters don’t own themselves (“New Age Thriller”), but it is necessary to show how liberation is important. While Top 40 pop considers love flawless, Half Free locates conflicts within the presumptuously joyous subject. But Remy notes, with a hint of hope, that her conclusion will be that of a woman luxuriously sitting in a limousine.

Window Shades’ is the new single by U.S. Girls, from the album ‘Half Free’, released 25th September 2015

“The last track, ‘Women’s Work’, manages to Moroder its way right into my heart. Mostly all I’ve ever wanted is a synth that sounds like a violin and a big, long, messy wail over a tight and bombastic electro drumbeat. Hot as hell. Miserable, angry and weird. Seven minutes. Buy it for this one alone. Bargain