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Mamiffer is an ambient/doom/drone/dream pop duo from Seattle. The project started in 2008 as a piano project for multi-instrumentalist Faith Coloccia. She’s got a background in and a passion for metal and post-metal, but this isn’t that at all. Since 2009, her husband Aaron Turner has been in the band. He’s been the only other band member for a while now. He’s perhaps better known as the former frontman of the Los Angeles post-metal band Isis. They released five albums between 2000 and 2009, then disbanded in 2010. In Mamiffer, Turner is doing something closer to atmospheric dream pop, with some moody, cinematic flair suggestive of post-rock. Every photo and every video that I’ve seen suggest that when they perform, he plays while seated in a chair, and she seated on the floor. I dig it.

Mamiffer’s first album was Hirror Enniffer in 2008 (and re-released in 2013), followed by Mare Decendrii in 2012, and now Statu Nascendi last year. Don’t ask me what any of those album titles mean. They’ve also done a few collaborations and split albums with various post-metal bands. There’s a new album slated for release this year, but the only detail I know is that “(t)he piano is more present on the upcoming record.”.

It starts with a somber, sparse piano bit backed by a tiny bit of static and a very little bit of guitar. Later, Coloccia brings her quiet, soft voice. It’s not until the second half of the song that Turner’s guitars really come in. And it’s something much more like lovesliescrushing than the kind of stuff Turner used to play in his other bands.