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“Jacky’s Only Happy When She’s Up on the Stage” is a politically charged song where in Morrissey shares his views on the UK leaving the EU through an analogy featuring the girl Jacky (as in the Union Jack).

From the forthcoming album ‘Low In High School’ out November 17th

I love the idea that this song is an analogy for Brexit. Jacky is the UK (Jacky as in the Union Jack), “since she lost you” is referring to the EU, “no audience telling her what to do” relates to independence and then of course the repetiton of “exit, exit” playing with the phrase “Brexit”. Don’t know if this is the intended meaning but the extra depth is fantastic! Edit: I am very aware Moz is pro-brexit, hence the “this country is making me sick” lyric 🙂

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You can always expect honesty from the former Smiths frontman Morrissey—especially on the tracks that make up his forthcoming album “Low in High School”. He’s already shared the cynical “Spent the Day in Bed,” and now, after previewing the song on BBC 6 Music, he’s officially released its second single “I Wish You Lonely.”

Morrissey maintains a synth-heavy, rock-forward beat as a vehicle for vigorous lyrics, taking a stab at the selfishness of world leaders: “Tombs are full of fools who gave their life upon command of monarchy, oligarch, head of state, potentate, and now, never coming back, never coming back.” In the lyric video, the song’s rousing message is displayed on the sign a boy is holding while he sits in a shopping cart.

Morrissey will be taking tracks from Low in High School on the road to spread the politically charged gospel before his album comes out November. 17th, Morrissey performed two tracks “Spent The Day in Bed” and “I Wish You Lonely.”  on Later… with Jools Holland, BBC Two (3rd October 2017)

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“I’m not my type, but I love my bed”, croons Morrissey on ‘Spent The Day In Bed’, the lead single from his forthcoming album, Low In High School.

While the song suggests you turn off the TV news and instead bury yourself under the sheets, it’s not likely to be the most politically-charged tune on the record, given there are songs with titles such as ‘The Girl from Tel-Aviv Who Wouldn’t Kneel’, ‘Israel’ and ‘Who Will Protect Us From the Police?’

There’s also a song named ‘When You Open Up Your Legs’, but that’s just Morrissey being Morrissey, is’nt it.

Low In High School is out on November 17.