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The War On DrugsLost in the Dream (Secretly Canadian)
To deduce the overarching themes of this Philadelphia band’s third album, just scan the track list, which almost reads like a cry for help, given that War on Drugs mastermind Adam Granduciel is evidently “Under the Pressure” with “Red Eyes,” “Suffering” while crossing “An Ocean in Between the Waves,” “Burning” and on the way to “Disappearing” “In Reverse.”


All of which is to say that, yeah, “Lost in the Dream” is less than a merry affair. Between the songs’ obsessively recurring lyrical images (pain, darkness, disappearance, broken hearts) and the real-life backstory — Adam Granduciel reportedly split with his girlfriend in the early stages of putting the record together — it’s tempting to take this as a breakup album focused more on the Lost than the Dream.

He’s known as a perfectionist, particularly when he’s making an album, and no doubt this intense attention to detail is an essential building block of his music, but watching his band live, you don’t look at the stage and see a control freak. You see someone channeling the music in a way that few others could ever approach, and the magnitude of it all necessarily makes everything else look minor by comparison. There’s something unchained about it all, as though his talent gives him the freedom to let the music run wild. It’s all perception, but genius has that way of erasing the middle steps between idea and execution, so that while the others are painting by numbers, with someone like Granduciel it seems to flow unchanged from an origin you’d never be able to find by simply re-tracing his steps

If 2011’s Slave Ambient represented a breakthrough, this one is an out-and-out star-maker that should rank among the year’s best albums. Simultaneously spare and just as fully fleshed out as it needs to be, Dream is a perfect distillation of Granduciel’s wide-open claustrophobia. The sound is more expansive than ever, even as its maker’s songs seem more personal and less universal.



A new official video for the song “Under Pressure” from the Band WAR ON DRUGS taken from the album “Lost In the Dream” on Secretly Canadian record label. the video with Adam Granduciel and his bandmates in a deserted house with rain spattered windshields and scenes of surburbia. The band are on a European tour with some UK festival dates in between. The band played an amazing set at The GREEN MAN festival this last weekend.

Adam Granduciel and his band WAR ON DRUGS have released what is the best album of 2014 so far, with his Dylanesqe vocals and Dire Straits guitar sounds, these are epic songs about american heroes and grand landscapes.

Suffering is a track from the “LOST IN THE DREAM” album another lengthy guitar workout

the war on drugs live on the KEXP playing songs from the brilliant new album “LOST IN A DREAM” I’ve featured several cuts already from this amazing album and already set to become the best album of 2014.

the last track of the album, and an acoustic version with a lovely vocal

Im featuring these live versions as I think this is truly one of the great albums to be issued this year, this will give you an appetite to listen to the studio versions, full of great guitars and musicianship and sterling support from Keyboard Player Robbie Bennett this is the third album from War on Drugs, A hint of classic American rock and sweeping psych sounds. the last WAR ON DRUGS “Slave Ambient” was one of the best of 2011 but this adds to already an impressive catoulouge.

one of the leading bands from Philadelphia along with ex member Kurt Vile the War on Drugs have released possibily the best album of the year so far….mesmerising imaginative sound. Granduciel sings about trains and travelling this is great music for thundering down the highways with the music turned up on the radio with the wind taking your breath away as you faster and faster ……………supposedly his favourite track on the album.

the opening track and at nine minutes long from this their third album, the song is melodical cascading flowing guitars, adam Granduciel’s vocals at the front of the mix with Dylanesque tones,

track Four and one of the bands Highlights musically uplifting the words of the song….”I can Barely see you..Youre like an Ocean Between The Waves”….this is just classic American rock