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In a lot of ways, Surfer Blood’s forthcoming fifth LP “Carefree Theatre” brings the band full circle. Set to be released ten years after their monumental debut Astro Coast, the record will arrive following frontman John Paul Pitts’ return to his home state of Florida as well as Surfer Blood’s return to their original label Kanine Records—though the turbulent ten-year interim has provided Theatre with a brand new perspective on their debut’s themes.

That said, one track that sounds structurally familiar is “Karen,” which was born of the same universe as a song off Astro Coast. “It was originally supposed to be the companion song to ‘Fast Jabroni,’ but I never finished it and ended up shelving it for over a decade,” Pitts shares. “After moving back home to Florida and re-evaluating my entire life, I decided it was time to revisit the material.”  The move back to Florida also inspired a vision for the breezy tune’s gleaming video, matching Surfer Blood’s tune about someone named Karen taking showers with images of all four band members getting soaked while strumming and percussing along. It’s as much an earworm as anything we’ve come to expect from the group over the years, though there’s a certain sense of comfortability unheard since their Jabroni days.

Carefree Theatre is out May 1st via Kanine Records

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Band Members
John Paul Pitts,
Tyler Schwarz,
Mikey McCleary,
Lindsey Mills