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Felice Brothers 2016

Every Felice Brothers song, in some way or another, has been about the American Dream, the idea of assembling yourself from the castoffs of the past—in their case, Dylan and the Band and Woody Guthrie and every forgotten troubadour with a guitar. On this standout from Life in the Dark, that dream curdles into a feverish nightmare, full of prairie surrealism and allusions to Hiroshima and the murder of labor activist Joe Hill. The inmates, in other words, are running the asylum, if not the entire nation.

Felice Brothers Life in the Dark

With its primal acoustic instrumentation and rugged mountain-man harmonies, the Felice Brothers’ latest album harkens back to the band’s late-Aughties classics like Yonder is the Clock and The Felice Brothers. But this time around, the band’s quirky Americana mythologizing has turned much darker, populated by corporate headaches and consumerist nightmares on songs like “Aerosol Ball,” “Jack At The Asylum,” and “Plunder.” Ian Felice, who sings leads on every track (a first for the group), sets the pace with his dejected stories of american blue collar working-class desperation (“Triumph ’73”) and middle-aged defeat (“Sell the House”). The band’s latest album might be their bleakest, but it’s also their most potent and interesting to date.

These Days there are few things in life that give me cause for celebration, but a new record from The Felice Brothers. The band from the Hudson Valley make music as odd and interesting as it is entertaining. A wonderful live band,

Today the band released a video for their new single, along with a date for their new album Life In The Dark (out June 24th). It’s a fun track, a bit in the vein of “Cherry Licorice” in the kind of impractical lyrics that make more sense the more you listen. The video of archive video pairs well with the song, as you can see for yourself.

The Felice Brothers new album Life In The Dark is out June 24th on Yep Roc Records and is available for preorder now.

The Felice Brothers return to Pawling, NY at Daryl’s House Club on May 12.  prepare to hear some new tunes from the forthcoming Life In The Dark (as well as old favorites).