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Rats on Rafts’ upcoming album is called “Excerpts From Chapter 3: The Mind Runs A Net Of Rabbit Paths” a title as labyrinthine as the music meticulously recorded by this iconic Rotterdam post-punk quartet. The record resonates like a living painting in which motifs disappear and return like characters in a puppet show. Music so immersive and unique, it was more than worth the half-decade wait. The third album from Dutch punk-laced noiseniks Rats on Rafts adds new maturity and a conceptual feel that pulls the extremes of their sound together. A psyche-fuelled journey into the id punctuated with rhythmic kabuki modal mood swings, thunderstorms, digital beeps, traffic noise, and just plain old beautiful cacophonous reverb-drenched sound when needed.

Left of the Dial is a yearly showcase festival held in the heart of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Unfortunately, the pandemic made it impossible for this year’s edition to go ahead as planned. Instead of it’s real life version, Left of the Dial’s Parallel Universe went ahead as a live stream. The full live stream, including lots of cool and upcoming bands can be watched here: Did Rats on Rafts get you excited.

Did Rats on Rafts get you excited

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