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Second to none in the stoner rock canon (save for the massive influence of Sabbath and Blue Cheer), Kyuss refined the art of psychedelic heaviness late in their career with “Welcome to Sky Valley”. The most focused and cohesive collection of the band’s “desert rock” jams, Sky Valley was sequenced in a way that allowed tracks to bleed into one another, grouped into threes for optimum vinyl listening (with optional chemical enhancement).

On paper this looks like some kind of cosmic odyssey, but the individual songs are among the band’s most direct and hardest rocking, whether on the opening burst of “Gardenia” (which resembles molten lava flowing down the side of a volcano), continues into the moody space jam instrumental “Asteroid,” and culminates in the strangely titled yet superbly diverse “Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop.” Other highlights include the solid thrashing of “100 Degrees,” the prog rock instrumental “Whitewater,”or the catchy single “Demon Cleaner” (the heaviest song about dental care in the canon). Though when the group did space out and go full-on psych-folk, as with the stunning dirge “Space Cadet,” it’s a thing of stoned wonder

But no song exemplifies the Kyuss sound as well as the aptly titled “Odyssey,” which opens suite number three and provides a veritable blueprint of the band’s unique combination of ingredients. The track begins with a cryptic melody, explodes into a ferocious riff, glides into a psychedelic bridge, then returns to full-throttle for its conclusion.