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FOLLAKZOID – ” Electric “

Posted: December 3, 2015 in MUSIC
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Chilean neo-krauts Föllakzoid set the bar very high with the release of II in 2013 with the result that there was a great deal of expectation on the band to deliver this time around. The release of III saw a sound that was both evolutionary and developmental with stronger beats and punchier keys, as you would expect with the inclusion of Uwe Schmidt/ Atom™, that has taken Föllakzoid in the direction of techno, without actually losing the essential elements derived from Krautrock that gives the band its distinctive sound. III may in time be seen as a interim album, depending on where the band go next, but for now it is a welcome move that reminds us of the link that can be made between the profane roots of Krautrock and the spiritual/ gospel roots of much contemporary urban music.