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Pictish Trail announces new track ‘Slow Memories (BAMBOO Remix)’ from new EP ‘Dream Wall’ coming out 1st April with remixes from the ‘Thumb World’ sessions,

Listen to the new remix here: “I’m a huge fan of the progressive synth-pop music made by Rachael Horwood and Nick Carlisle, aka BAMBOO. On this expansive remix, they stay true to the original’s beatless structure, and concentrate on building of swells of cinematic ambience and atmosphere” Pictish Trail – Johnny Lynch


Releases April 1st, 2021

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Pictish Trail releases new single ‘Double Sided’ which includes unreleased b-side and Grandaddy cover ‘Now It’s On’ from his recent Marc Riley BBC 6 music 2019 session.

“This was the last song to be recorded on the album and is about the idea of living a virtual life, a sort of simulation existence. This track is kinda paired with ‘After Life’ from the previous album ‘Future Echoes’. It’s about how we present different versions of ourselves online, how we often experiment with how we wish to be perceived by others, and how there’s almost a sense of detachment from responsibility for our behaviour.” (Johnny Lynch – Pictish Trail)

‘Thumb World’ is out now, Fire Records.