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The day after we wrapped “Getting Into Knives” we drove from Memphis to Muscle Shoals and recorded another album. This had been our plan all along, but 2020 had a way of expressing its feelings about plans. All the outside world was wild dark news and the record we made over the next week reflects that. Been waiting to tell you about it. Please welcome our solitary companion in the shadows, “Dark In Here”

“This is probably the most autobiographical song on the record; the narrator is me, driving in from Claremont to Long Beach to see metal shows at Fender’s during a stage of my life when I wasn’t really sure who I was,” John Darnielle says about the latest single off The Mountain Goats’ new album, “Dark In Here”.A time of being adrift, of being uncertain, a time with more fear of the unknown than hope for the future for me, I can see now. Anyway! That is what the song is about, and I know who I am now: I’m the singer from the Mountain Goats.

When the zone hits I sort of have to serve it and at some point along the way I was writing “the next album” and it turned out I had something like twenty-six, twenty-eight songs, something like that. Mgmt said: what about two albums? And the idea was, record them in two studios, announce & release one normal style, surprise release the other on opening night of tour 2020. Open the set that night with “Dark in Here.” Fun idea, right? Except 2020. By the time I got home from the sessions for “Dark in Here” the world was changing so I wrote and recorded “Songs for Pierre Chuvin” in ten days, and “Dark in Here” retreated to its space in the shadows. It was recorded the week after “Knives.” We took a day to drive down from Memphis to Muscle Shoals, and went right back to work. The seven days that followed are a memory with its own gravitational pull now: our time locked away inside FAME studios while the world beyond the doors began to convulse, just ahead of a great stillness this album was recorded as that forbidding stillness dawned and I think it sounds like it, really. Peter considers it a sort of harder-toothed cousin to “Get Lonely.” I am not a great keeper of secrets and it’s been wild to be on here all the time not telling you I GOT SOMETHING ELSE, TOO — but behold, “Dark In Here“.

“The Slow Parts on Death Metal Albums” by the Mountain Goats from their new album ‘Dark In Here’ coming June 25th, 2021 on Merge Records.