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On Saturday, December 26th, Fifty plus artists and hundreds of thousands of viewers around the world came together for “Georgia Comes Alive”, a virtual music festival aimed at promoting voter participation in Georgia’s Senate runoff elections on January 5th, 2021, which saw a record-breaking voter turnout.

One of the major headliners to take part in “Georgia Comes Alive” was alternative powerhouse Portugal. The Man who performed the original song “Colors”. For this take on the Censored Colors track, the Alaskan-bred experimental outfit performed from an empty venue as the dreary blend of blue and green lights accentuated the downtempo indie crawl. As frontman John Baldwin Gourley belted out the refrain of “I’m not afraid to die/’Cause all these colors will change,” guitarist Eric Howk softens the blow with smooth phrasings on his Fender Stratocaster that round out the song.

Portugal. The Man performing “Colors” for Georgia Comes Alive, a virtual festival to get out the vote in the Georgia Senate runoff elections presented by #LiveForLiveMusic​