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Boston-based trio Palehound have announced their third album, “Black Friday”, marking the occasion with the release of their lead single “Aaron.” The forthcoming record, due out on June 7th via Polyvinyl Record Co., examines love and the many different ways it can take shape in our life. “Aaron,” in particular, explores love of one’s own body, and connects to singer/songwriter Ellen Kempner’s partner.

Kempner says of the track and its music video in a statement:

“Aaron” is a character that represents my partner, who is trans. It’s not specific to his experience though, the song is about change in relation to our bodies in general. It’s about learning to be comfortable in our skins, whether that means changing our bodies or mindsets. Robert Kolodny directed the video and captured this theme perfectly through portraying physical insecurity as living in an unruly, amorphous body and gradually shedding it.

The video for “Aaron” takes Kempner’s gentle, heartfelt storytelling and gives it an artistic texture that is both fitting and unexpected. Kempner sings underneath a knitwear mask, crafted by Gaudmother, as a figure runs around the streets in a ghillie suit made out of yarn. In the end, both figures take off their knit masks and are haloed by light, a visual representation of their own newfound self-love and body empowerment.

On Black Friday, Kempner and bandmates Jesse Weiss (drums) and Larz Brogan (bass) hope that their art will help others who are struggling. She herself knows the therapeutic benefits of music, explaining:

What I always want to do with my songs is to help people heal in some way, or come to some new understanding about whatever it is that they’re going through. Even if it’s just hearing a song and feeling less alone than they were before, that would mean so much to me.

Kempner produced the record with Gabe Wax (Beirut, Soccer Mommy). Palehound recorded their latest project at Panoramic House in Stinson Beach, Calif.

Watch the video for “Aaron” (dir. Kolodny) check out the album art for Black Friday and the band’s national tour dates with Big Thief

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As part of Palehound, Jesse Weiss became in a key figure in Boston’s flourishing DIY scene, the band scooping the city’s coveted Boston Music Award back in 2015 following the release of their brilliant ‘Dry Food’ LP. Appearing here in something of a supergroup, alongside fellow Bostoners Jack and Alec Pombriant (We Can All Be Sorry) and Nicole Pompei (Bat House), Weiss adds another gem to his back-catalogue, the quartet delivering a brilliant eight-track collection under their chosen Be You Me guise , via the Super Wimpy Punch label.

Drifting between those little cluster of genre aesthetics that lend themselves so well to DIY records of this nature – from subtle guitar refrains, to noisier moments of scuzzy pop magic – the band’s self-titled effort makes for a fully endearing escape. Those aforementioned experimental moments lend the record a hard-cutting edge that’s perhaps not immediately apparent, digging themselves in over repeated listens, a vice-like grip that results in something of an unsteady listen, moments of sunniness immediately hidden behind a blanket of clouds, brightness suddenly plunged in to the dark.


Above all, however, Be You Me is a righteously enjoyable ride. The guitars gleam throughout, and the push-and-pull of the vocals, while somewhat heady and disorientating, attach themselves to you like a best friend you’ve never been abl to keep a hold on. A sumptuous, woozy record, that deserves to exist on its own two feet, regardless of the collective nature of those that came to make it, we suggest playing this one as often, and as loud, as your situation permits.

jack pombriant – vocals, guitar (2,3,5,6,7), bass (1,2,3,7), keyboards (5,7)
jesse weiss – drums, guitar (1,2,4,7,8), bass (4,6,8), keyboards (8)
alec pombriant – lead guitar (4)