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Leicester duo comprising of Jamie Ward (producer/multi-instrumentalist) and James Stafford (vocalist), better known as Dark Dark Horse are back to recording and releasing music as a group and it has never sounded better. After breaks working on their own projects, they are back and have unveiled a new song as Dark Dark Horse titled “And Then We Had Nothing At All.”

The song features Stafford’s soaring vocals over a track that slowly builds into a large crescendo. The drums slowly build alongside synths, piano, strings and eventually electric guitar in an epic finale.

‘And Then We Had Nothing At All’ is perhaps the most epic and ambitious song we’ve recorded so far. At over seven minutes long it defies the typical conventions of a single but it’s power, beauty and grandeur was something we felt needed its own space,” Jamie Ward says. He continues, calling the track a “kaleidoscope of swirling reverse synths, dusty samples from my mother’s children’s music classes, pounding drums and sweeping violin… we really threw the kitchen sink at this one.”

This is the first release of the year from the pair following their 2017 EP Luna II.