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The Orielles, Stealing Sheep, Tracyanne & Danny, Bis, Withered Hand, The Spook School, Big Joanie, Adult Mom and Peaness are among 45 artists confirmed today for this year’s Indietracks festival.

They’re joined by Holy Now, Young Romance, Mammoth Penguins, Porridge Radio, Strawberry Generation, Randolph’s Leap, The Catenary Wires, Molar, Witching Waves, Thud, Seazoo and L I P S.

Plus, we also have Fresh, Jetstream Pony, Child’s Pose, The BV’s, Cheerbleederz, Kermes, Kagoule, Junk Whale, Athabaska, Songs For Walter, Current Affairs, Kidsmoke, Owls of Now, Foundlings, Solution Hours, Grawl!x, Squiggles, Common Or Garden, Nim Chimpsky, Jacqui and Geoff, JC Quick, Rosehip Teahouse and She’s Got Spies.

It all takes place on the weekend of 26-28 July 2019 at our picturesque steam railway in Derbyshire. We’ve artists playing on four stages across the site, plus steam train rides, discos, art and craft workshops, children’s activities, museums, real ale and street foods.

We’re very happy to announce that Martha, Desperate Journalist, Advance Base, Best Praxis, Lost Tapes, The Proctors, Surf Muscle and The Sunbathers are all joining the Indietracks 2019 line-up.

Martha have just released an amazing new album, ‘Love Keeps Kicking’, and we can’t believe it’s already been four years since Desperate Journalist played their incredible show at Indietracks. We’re also delighted to welcome Advance Base – the electronic solo project of Chicago, IL singer/songwriter Owen Ashworth (formerly of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone). We’ve announced over 50 artists now, and there are biographies for everyone over on our website.

We’re also very excited to reveal the day splits for our headliners as follows:

  • Friday 26 July: The Orielles, Bis and Peaness
  • Saturday 27 July: Tracyanne & Danny, Martha, The Spook School, Desperate Journalist and Big Joanie
  • Sunday 28 July: Kero Kero Bonito, Stealing Sheep, Withered Hand, Advance Base and Adult Mom

After the bands, we’ll have discos with Fan Club, Paris Popfest, Grrls Like Us and Come Out 2Nite, as well as Bum Notes Karaoke with Ruby Waters. And we’ll have early evening children’s discos with How Does It Feel To Be Loved? and Some Like It Pop.

We’re delighted to say that British Sea Power, Honeyblood, The Lovely Eggs, Dream Wife, Girl Ray and Sacred Paws are among 35 artists confirmed today for this year’s Indietracks festival.

The above artists are joined by Darren Hayma (playing ‘Breaking God’s Heart’), Even As We Speak, Haiku Salut, Onsind, The Smittens, Anna Burch, Boyracer, Night Flowers and Eureka California.

Plus, the following bands are also joining the bill today: Happy Accidents, Let’s Whisper, Wolf Girl, Just Blankets, Dream Nails, Mikey Collins, Sink Ya Teeth, Tugboat Captain, The Baby Seals, Life Model, Cat Apostrophe, Strange New Places, Melenas, Panic Pocket, French Boutik, Ghum, Rebecka Reinhard, Tekla, Whitelands and The Sunset Beach Hut.

The festival takes place on the weekend of 27th-29th July 2018 at our picturesque 1950s steam railway in Derbyshire. It’s a celebration of independent, creative and DIY pop music, with bands playing across the heritage steam railway site, including its main outdoor stage, in a locomotive shed, a tin tabernacle and on the steam trains themselves

Our full line up is below, and we’re so excited about this year’s festival – hope to see you all in July! x

The Lovely Eggs, Sacred Paws, Worst Place

Des Was A Bowie Fan DJs, Bum Notes karaoke with Ruby Waters

British Sea Power, Dream Wife, Amber Arcades, Darren Hayman, Spinning Coin, Colour Me Wednesday, Night Flowers
The Smittens, Tinsel Heart, Linda Guilala, Happy Accidents, Melenas, Ghum, Ex-Vöid, Strange New Places, Eureka California, French Boutik, Marble Season, Navina, Tugboat Captain, Sugar Rush!, Mighty Kids, Whitelands, Rafa Skam, Panic Pocket, Asking For A Friend DJs, Passionate Necking DJs

Honeyblood, Girl Ray, Even As We Speak, Gwenno, Anna Burch, Onsind, Haiku Salut, Tigercats
Boyracer, Wolf Girl, Life Model, Dream Nails, Let’s Whisper, Just Blankets, Mikey Collins, Happy Spendy, Sink Ya Teeth, The Baby Seals, Cat Apostrophe, Marlaena Moore, Tekla, All Ashore!, Rebecka Reinhard, The Sunset Beach Hut, Tim the Mute, Time Machine Disco DJs, Recordsville Social DJs

The Wedding Present, Cate Le Bon, Martha, Joanna Gruesome, The Wave Pictures and The Tuts are among 38 artists to be confirmed today for this year’s Indietracks Festival.

The above artists are joined by Shopping, Monkey Swallows The Universe, TeenCanteen, The Orchids, The Hearing, Peaness, Personal Best, The Hayman Kupa Band, Grace Petrie and Kid Canaveral.

Plus, the following bands are also joining the bill: Charmpit, Chorusgirl, Cola Jet Set, Cowtown, Crumbs, Dan Webber, Daniel vs the World, David Leach, Evripidis and his Tragedies, Garden Centre, Lilith Ai, Maybe Don’t, Milky Wimpshake, MJ Hibbett and the Validators, Model Village, The Perfect English Weather, Pillow Queens, Rainbow Reservoir, Red Red Eyes, Schande, Suggested Friends, and th’sheridans. There’s biographies for all the bands over on our line up page.

Last year marked the 10th anniversary of Indietracks festival. For a number of the team behind the nation’s premiere Indie-Pop festival in a train museum, it also marked the end of their involvement in Indietracks. After a number of years spent helping to organise the festival, Ian Cowen, Marianthi Makra and Alice Hubley all left the team. Rumours were circulating it might be the end of Indietracks all together, but after an outpouring of support, the remaining members of the team, Nat & Andy Hudson and Emma Cooper, decided the show must go on and set about recruiting new members to the Indietracks inner-sanctum.

Enlisting the help of Cambridge Indie-Pop Alldayer organisers, Beck Conway and Emma Cooper (from Mammoth Penguins/Standard Fare and not the same person as the other Emma Cooper), as well as Indietracks regular Jasmine Allen, Team Indietracks re-emerged, and have put together one of their strongest line-ups to date. There’s surely a headliner for everyone’s taste; the return of the legendary The Wedding Present, the enigmatic and brilliant Cate Le Bon, and a first ever festival headlining slot for Durham’s DIY-upstarts, Martha. Elsewhere there’s the usual eclectic mix of acts; The Wave Pictures will bring their blend of English wit and American blues-rock, the reformed Monkey Swallows The Universe will showcase Nat Johnson’s inimitable songwriting talents, and glistening dream-pop quartet Chorusgirl will hopefully be showcasing new material from their upcoming second album.


Seeing The Pooches name on the list for this year’s Indietracks was thrilling, not only because they’re quite brilliant but because I know they’re the perfect fit for the festival. Everyone will love them and they deserve a hell of a lot more love than they get.

As ever there’s also plenty of smaller bands from the indie-pop and DIY-punk scenes; larger than life Anglo-American trio Charmpit will provide copious amounts of sass, Model Village will provide some much needed relaxation with their take on mellow sophisti-pop, and Peaness will set about justifying their seemingly unstoppable rise, with their perfect harmonies and tongue in cheek humour.

Martha + Chorusgirl + Kid Canaveral + Sweet Revenge DJs
The Wedding Present + Frankie Cosmos + Joanna Gruesome + Special Guests (TBA) + Shopping + The Hayman Kupa Band + Peaness + Cola Jet Set + The Pooches + TeenCanteen + The Hearing + How Does It Feel To Be Loved? DJs
Cate Le Bon + The Wave Pictures + The Tuts + Monkey Swallows The Universe + The Just Joans + Skinny Girl Diet + The Orchids + Mammoth Penguins and Friends + Evripidis and his Tragedies + Lilith Ai + Offbeat DJs

Tickets are now available at an early bird discount price of £72 (weekend) and £39 (day), excluding booking fees. These cheaper prices are available until 9pm on Sunday 14th May.

Indietracks Festival

Incredibly excited to say that Saint Etienne, The Aislers Set, The Spook School are among the first 22 artists confirmed for this year’s Indietracks (29-31 July 2016). This year is the tenth anniversary of Indietracks, which started in April 2007 as a one-night event.

Saint Etienne are a much-loved British trio made up of Sarah Cracknell, Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley. Their debut album Foxbase Alpha was released in 1991 and since then they have released eight albums, two of which reached the top ten of the UK album charts. Their most recent album Words and Music received numerous glowing reviews, with Pitchfork calling it their “best LP since 1994 masterpiece Tiger Bay” and the NME saying “this record is the soundtrack to your life.”

The Aislers Set are an American indiepop six-piece much loved by the late BBC Radio One DJ John Peel. Their three albums received wide critical acclaim and they have toured with a myriad of bands including Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney and Belle and Sebastian. The band went on hiatus in 2003, reuniting briefly in 2012 and then again 2014 for a handful of shows in America to celebrate the reissue of their albums. They haven’t played the UK for four years and Indietracks will be their only UK show this year.

Around 50 indiepop bands from across the globe will be playing across four stages at Indietracks. The festival will also host a range of art and craft workshops and a selection of discos after the bands finish.

It’s shaping up to be a brilliant 10th anniversary celebration at Indietracks – hope to see you all in July!

Joining them on the bill today are Shopping, Expert Alterations, Flowers, Seazoo, Po!, Chrissy Barnacle, ¡Ay Carmela!, City Yelps, Soda Fountain Rag, Charla Fantasma, Vacaciones, Songs for Walter, Two White Cranes, Falling & Laughing, Maggie8, Lorna, Pete Green, The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy and Prizefighter. Dozens more artists will be added to the bill shortly!

To read more about today’s announcement please visit:

Tickets are now available at cheaper early bird prices until 9pm on Sunday 15th May from:

It’s shaping up to be a brilliant 10th anniversary celebration at Indietracks – hope to see you all in July!

The bands added today are Haiku Salut, Bearsuit, Gavin Osborn, Alimony Hustle, Sonic The Comic, Honey Joy, Robyn Johnson, DIRTYGIRL, Frankie Machine, Deerful and Robberie. The DJs joining us are: Don’t Falter, GRLTLK, Scared to Dance, and Just Like Honey.

We’ve now listed the day splits for our headline and evening bands, including The Spook School (Friday), Saint Etienne (Saturday) and The Aislers Set (Sunday)

London trio Fever Dream have been dazzling us with their reverb-tinged, distortion-fuelled melodic haze for the past couple of years. Having recently signed to highly revered independent Club AC30, they put out long-awaited debut “Moyamoya” in April. With expectations duly met if not surpassed, their opening set on Friday evening should provide an incendiary introduction to the weekend’s festivities at the Indietracks Festival.

Feted for the urgency and unrest of their live presence, London three-piece Fever Dream have now committed their dark and brittle post-punk-shoegaze noise to tape in the form of debut album, Moyamoya, out April 27th from Club AC30.

Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Adey Fleet, bassist Sarah Lippett, and drummer Cat Loye, Fever Dream make music which stalks the unsettled territory between MBV and PiL: suffused with melody and discordance, unhinged. Via the twitching fragility and freneticism of Fleet’s guitar and vocals, Lippett’s stormy bass, and the propulsive dark heart that is Loye’s drumming, Fever Dream pitch tumultuous swathes of noise against irresistible pop hooks and gentle febrile tonality, arriving at a sound which sharply articulates a disorientating world of panic attacks, tender allegiances, and sweet perversions.


Drawing from shoegaze, slowcore, and alt-rock – basically any form of music that favours distorted guitars and never really had its “moment” in indie rock post-1995 — and for that reason, never really went out of style – Fever Dream manages to successfully sound genreless — despite being referential of half a dozen genres at once — and a seamless, coherent listening experience that remains in memory long after the last note has faded.

All vinyl copies ordered via the Club AC30 site come with free lossless digital downloads – these will unlock on the release date (27th April 2015). Vinyl will ship a week early, presuming we get it in on time.