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They recently clocked up over half a million streams on their breakthrough single “Fuck You Heather,” and today, Boyish are returning with “Superstar.” “You’re a superstar/I might drown in the way that I feel/But I guess I’m just a fan,” sighs India Shore on the ode to obsession, her vocals reflecting back at us like staring into a melancholic puddle.

Released February 5th via Invertebrate, “Superstar” arrives as Boyish’s first single of 2021 and the follow-up to last February’s spectacular sophomore album, Garden Spider. The duo of India Shore and Claire Altendahl, Boyish was formed “after feeling the need to start over, graduating college, and having no idea what is going on.” Their music is hypnotically contemplative – full of space, lush guitars, and vivid lyricism. Shore’s gorgeous, aching vocals help make every song an enchanting listening experience, but it’s Shore and Altendahl’s stunning chemistry that ultimately makes Boyish’s music so special: They dress their songs in just enough timbres and tonalities to evoke what they want us to feel, and nothing more. Unassuming yet limitless in its expression, Garden Spider truly is a work of art.

A sweetly seductive indie pop enchantment, Boyish’s new single “Superstar” is just the kind of dreamy indulgence we need to reignite our passions in in 2021.

Official Video for “Superstar” by Boyish