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The 17-minute Tidal film gives an insight to Will Toledo and his bandmates’ world as they talk the project, as well as featuring rehearsal footage. Car Seat Headrest released a rerecorded version of their 2011 album Twin Fantasy earlier this year,

Car Seat Headrest’s reworked album Twin Fantasy is now available in full. Originally released on Bandcamp in 2011, the album represents the culmination of the band’s early years in Virginia, where songwriter Will Toledo cultivated much of the project’s internet acclaim. So far, songs like “Beach Life-In-Death” and “Nervous Young Inhumans” have seen a bigger, more fleshed-out sound thanks to the folks at Matador Records.

The band recently took a break from their rigorous touring schedule to be featured in a new mini-documentary affectionately titled I Haven’t Don’t Sh*t This Year. While it was originally announced as a Tidal exclusive, the mini-doc has found its way onto YouTube, where fans can watch roughly 17 minutes of the band chatting about the origins of the project, as well as some rehearsal footage from a practice space in preparation for more shows later this year.

The new ‘Twin Fantasy’ released February 16th on Matador Records. Available now: