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Juanita Stein, the Howling Bells frontwoman turned solo artist, will release a brand new single, Forgiver on 13th April. (impacts 1 June). The single was co-written and produced by Brandon Flowers while Juanita was on tour with The Killers in Northern Europe this February.

Forgiver is the first taster of Stein’s upcoming second album, Until The Lights Fade, which will be released by Nude Records on 31st August. Says Stein of the song, “I remember wanting it to feel swaggering and wise, just like she is in the song. She a knowing seductress and he an endearing fool, completely at her mercy. It’s only once we get to the chorus that she shows any kind of vulnerability.”
“I’d written the bones of the song a while ago and began working on it again on the EU leg of the Killers tour. I’d managed to get Brandon to hear the song as was, with the intention of seeing if he could maybe help take it somewhere, and he ended up not only co-writing, but also producing the track, which we were able to record backstage during those last few days on the road.  I loved the spontaneity of the recording. As with the album itself, everything unfolded very instinctively.”


Forgiver is the first taster of Stein’s upcoming second album, Until The Lights Fade, which will be released by Nude Records on 31st August.


The driving force behind revered alt. rockers Howling Bells, Juanita Stein is touring in support of her forthcoming debut album “America” .
Set for release on 28th July and produced by Gus Seyffert (Beck, Ryan Adams), America draws inspiration from tours across the USA with Stein’s former band supporting The Killers and Coldplay.  Influenced variously by Nashville, Twin Peaks, Badlands and Paris, Texas, musically the album takes its cues from Roy Orbison, Nancy Sinatra Dusty Springfield, and Patsy Cline.

Stein formed Howling Bells with her brother, Joel, and friends when they moved to London together in 2004. Four acclaimed albums followed, along with headline tours and festival shows around the world, and huge support dates including several US tours with Coldplay and The Killers. A break from Howling Bells around the arrival of her first child saw the first shoots of her solo work start to emerge, and now we find ourselves here. America, an unpredictable place, forever bound up in a uniquely widescreen hope and romance. An evocative and beautiful record (produced by Gus Seyffert (Beck, Ryan Adams) in L.A.), Stein’s honeyed voice weaves stories of heartbreak and optimism, from the unmistakably Western-influenced Dark Horse, to the moody love song, Cry. Florence is inspired by a real-life photograph by Dorothea Langue, taken during the Great Depression, of the eponymous Florence Owens Thompson, a tale of a struggle for themselves and their children that’s as relevant to women of the world today as it ever was. The songs on the LP tell tales of characters real and imagined, Stein’s own experiences woven amongst them.

Says Stein of the album: “This record is an ode to the dark heart of America. Of times gone and times to come. Dusty trails, a whimsical 50s suburbia and the haze of the 1960s. I’ve forever idealised American life – growing up in Australia we were fed the American dream through film and television. The dichotomy between what was real and a dream is forever intriguing to me. The music of Roy Orbison, Dusty Springfield, Lee and Nancy and Patsy Cline all informed my musical sensibilities. They opened up this wide screen universe for me.”

Following recent support slots with Michael Kiwanuka and Richard Hawley, Stein is set to appear at Tom Petty’s colossal Hyde Park show over the summer.  In addition to Howling Bells fans, Stein’s new material will find favour with Americana and alt. country aficionados, calling to mind the likes of Mazzy Star, Margo Price and Lindi Ortega.

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He is the lead guitarist from the much-loved Howling Bells and, following four terrific albums with the band, the British-based Australian launches his solo endeavour. Joel Stein wanted to push his sonic and creative ambitions further and, because of this desire, has crafted some exquisite in Glassmaps. Transitioning from band-mode to solo work. He talks about the latest single, “Summer Rain” the debut, in fact. A glimpse into its themes, sound and importance. Stein talks about his forthcoming album, Addicted, and what it was like at The Killer’ Mark Storrmer’s home studio.


The Glassmaps brand was launched on the hallmarks of freedom and self-expression. Critically acclaimed and artistically inspired, Howling Bells created a strong identity in Joel as a guitarist and songwriter. Often praised and respected for his unique style of playing, Joel gained quite the name for himself wolrldwide.
With some time after the bands recording in Las Vegas Joel found himself embarking on a new adventure, Glassmaps.
A sound which draws deeply upon his life experiences.


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