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Sly & the Family Stone / Higher! Amazon bonus disc for the USA

Here is a look at the bonus disc that is supplied with copies of the new Sly & the Family Stone Higher! box set, ONLY when bought from Five of the six tracks are previously unissued and these are mixed by Vic Anesini. 2013 four CD set. All through the brilliant highs and the murky lows of the late ’60s and early ’70s, Sly & The Family Stone had the globe dancing to the music. The creativity of the mixed-race, mixed-gender, and mixed-genre band shines in this new 77-track box set. This incredible collection showcases the classic hits not just in stereo format, but in the good ol’ mono mixes which went missing long ago with the transistor radio, and in unheard early versions, and concert performances. Also included are gems from Sly Stewarts‘ pre-Family Stone period, studio outtakes, and potent instrumentals from this archetype of jam bands. With 17 previously unreleased tracks, it’s a lot more music than you knew was there all remastered to hit the pinnacle of sound. This powerful music is accompanied by a stunningly colorful and evocatively detailed 104-page, 10-inch book of rare photographs, posters, picture sleeves, recording documents, vintage ads, and other memorabilia, along with extensive liner notes by Jeff Kaliss (author of Sly’s only authorized biography), track-by-track annotations, and a detailed timeline of Sly and The Family’s life and career.


Tracks included are

Stand! (long version)*
TV Medley: Sing A Simple Song/Hot Fun In The Summertime/I Want To Take You Higher
Time For Livin’ (alternate Record Plant mix)*
Saint James Infirmary (instrumental) (live)*
Sittin’ On My Fanny*
Dust To Dust (instrumental)*
*Previously unissued