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A collection of songs created in an attic.. up-and-coming Minnesota artists to introduce themselves to our audience. Today: young Minneapolis-based band Ivers, who’ve been working with producer Whistler Allen (of Hippo Campus). Henry and Ivan went to arts high school together, so they met there. Henry and I know each other through a mutual friend, so a while back, we just started playing music. Really starting in early 2020, right around when COVID hit, is when we realized that this kind of trio was a good bubble to keep ourselves in, [in regards] to people that we could see. That’s when I feel like we discovered that we work so well together, and have similar sounds [and] similar desires for what we want out of our music. I feel like with “Push,” I had kind of a few different things talking about me leaving for college. I feel like, once I got the first line of melody down to that guitar piece, it just kind of all came together very quickly, lyrically, and melody wise. That one got moving really quickly. But yeah, it’s usually off of a random idea that I have that I decided to expand into this one song.


Released March 26th, 2021

Instrumentation/Song writing by Ivan Mann, Megan Fritz, Henry Hughes
Additional instruments by Nathan Stocker