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Taken from from theur upcoming EP ‘Hate Music Last Time Delete’, out on July 6th, HMLTD have shared the Duncan Loudon-directed video to new single, ‘Pictures Of You’.

“In the internet age, nothing is ever truly removable, and no one entirely forgettable. The effect this has on love and heartbreak is tragic.

“‘Pictures Of You’ was written as a song about masturbating to photos, sent by your ex-partner, that you can’t delete. We look at old photos or videos and believe we still love the person in them, but really, we just love that image of them. Then those images become mere vehicles for our own self-love. “Like Narcissus himself, you lose yourself in the reflection offered up by these images and the tragedy is complete.”

Pictures of You‘ is taken from HMLTD’s forthcoming EP ‘Hate Music Last Time Delete’. Out July 6th.