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Founded by Tim Noyes, a former English teacher, back in the early 2010s, Handsome Ghost debuted with the song “Blood Stutter” in 2014, followed shortly by the breathtaking Steps EP. “In less than nine months, Noyes’ Handsome Ghost project went from a whisper to a shout, and the musicality is all there: Noyes’ voice singing is honest, heartfelt and mind-blowing, and his songs are deep and evocative,”. Handsome Ghost’s songs are ethereal acoustic roller coaster rides full of emotion and reverb, and the live performance is a deep, dark spectacle.”

The outfit grew tremendously on 2016’s The Brilliant Glow EP and again with 2018’s debut album Welcome Back, which found Noyes and multi-instrumentalist Eddie Byun joined by a full band for the first time. “Handsome Ghost’s debut album Welcome Back is a raw, intimate exploration of vulnerability and space – the culmination of a therapeutic, emotionally-indulgent artistry founded on lyrical depth and musical honesty,” 

Now a formal equal partnership between Noyes and Byon, Handsome Ghost soars with serene self-confidence and humility as a duo.

We recorded this version of Funeral from a walking trail by our little home studio. It’s so easy to get stuck with tunnel vision in a small part of a song while working on it. Sometimes it takes you down a good road, but sometimes you get sucked in and lose sight of what you’re really trying to do. While recording Some Still Morning, we went here often to clear our heads and give ourselves a little reset. Also, when we recorded this it was 10000 degrees out. Summer already feels a decade away. Some Still Morning is a collection of songs meant for the morning… hopeful and calm. We spent so much time thinking about these songs in this context that we wanted to take them out of the morning and see how they felt. As a band, we’ve always been interested in how contexts change (or don’t change) songs, so we created this Stills series… live, stripped recordings of songs from the record where we take songs into some other setting with which we have strong personal memories or associations.

Released September 18 via Photo Finish Records, Some Still Morning is a stirring refresh: An honest and unfiltered expression of tender electrofolk exploring inner upheaval, self-growth, and life’s natural change. It’s “starting over in the sense that [you’re] trying to just see the good in everything and appreciate where you’re at, regardless of the kind of winding road that it took to get there… It’s just kind of a natural progression through time,” Tim Noyes explains, attempting to describe succinctly a record that really cannot be summarized in any single sentence.

To me, right now in this moment, this is the most honest version of Handsome Ghost to this point. This record and where Eddie and I are at, I feel like it’s very true to who we are. We’re just not… We’re not hiding anything… I think everything we’ve put out, for the most part, has been, “this is the version of us as we are right now,” but if I had to compare everything we’ve released, this just feels like there’s no filter.”

‘Some Still Morning’ – Handsome Ghost“ Released September 18 via Photo Finish Records


A new music project Handsome Ghost released its debut EP yesterday through Color Study Records exclusively on Spotify! And our single is up over 500,000 plays! That’s just plain exciting. Listen to the track from the EP here, keep an ear out for a fresh, fresh take on maybe my favorite Aunt Martha song ever. Thanks for the continued support. Love, Tim Noyes