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This San Francisco band blends shoegaze guitars with jangling power-pop accents. Standouts like “Time is Weird,” “Pillbox” and “Lollipop Crush” should earn them comparisons to everyone from Velocity Girl to Alvvays. Of course, Lush and My Bloody Valentine also come to mind. When the distortion gets reduced on the driving and atmospheric, “There Were Only Shadows,” a lot more moodic textures are left to explore. This is one of 2019’s biggest word-of-mouth wins.

There’s a delightful layer of guitar fuzz over all 11 of the pretty, peppy songs on the debut album from this San Francisco-based quartet Seablite. Their music is shoegazer-y, but with a forward propulsion that’s pure pop, not about to drift too far off into the ether.

The album’s packed with melodies and harmonies, of the perfectly formed sunshine-pop sort; the music’s noisy atmosphere is a countervailing force of weight, adding texture and depth of feeling to songs that could lift off into the sky if allowed to. In the middle songs like “(He’s a) Vacuum Chamber” unexpectedly slow things down, pulling us into a more foreboding sort of loneliness.

Band Members
lauren , galine,  jen,  andy

“There Were Only Shadows” from Seablite’s debut LP “Grass Stains and Novocaine” out now on Emotional Response!