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The DEER – ” Do No Harm “

Posted: October 6, 2020 in MUSIC
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Austin band The Deer are the most recent addition to our roster. Indie folk band from Austin Texas. What began as the solo recording project of singer/songwriter Grace Rowland Park, the group formed its core membership in 2012 under the band name Grace Park & The Deer, and released “An Argument for Observation.” The songs have a dark, folky feel; eerily lilting melodies with unexpected subjects like stalking, drug-dealing, and murder. Through the recording process they found a spark lit by natural chemistry, on and off the stage, and they began performing and touring together with alternating guests – some of whom ended up becoming permanent members. Grace’s screen-printed cover art would later rank among Austin Music Industry Awards’ Top 5 Best Album Art for 2014. In 2013 they suffered the devastating loss of dear friend and band member Stephanie Bledsoe to an accident on her farm. 

Singer Grace Rowland, guitarist Michael McLeod, bassist Jesse Dalton, drummer Alan Eckert, and string player Noah Jeffries dress up their otherworldly tunes in sequined mermaid jumpsuits. They’re formerly known as Grace Park & the Deer.

They blur genre lines with their indie-folk-rock and their forthcoming album Do No Harm will do even more to move them into new territory. Split into two stylistic realms: the first side is rooted in muddy folk and surf-country, and the other side wanders far out in a dream-pop and psych-rock wilderness – all with their distinctly curious and incantational poetic content printed within.

 Love how the instruments and styles come together to form The Deer’s unique sound.

We released Do No Harm on November 1, 2019

released November 1st, 2019

The Band:

Grace Rowland: Vocals, guitar, piano, synth
Michael McLeod: electric guitar
Jesse Dalton: vocals, electric bass, upright bass, synth, acoustic guitar
Alan Eckert: vocals, piano, synth, drums, percussion
Noah Jeffries: fiddle, mandolin