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All the analog equipment, expensive amps, vintage clothing and rare guitars in the world will never take the place of quality songwriting. Take “Gord’s Horse,” for instance, which is the sort of track that the world would hand over their 401Ks for if it was on some obscuro lathe cut available to 10 people in S.F. in the early ’70s. Instead, it’s a new jam from Cool Ghouls, using a stomp, tone and timbre that is throwback in the best of ways, combining harmonized vocals with a swagger and twang ready to blare out of a protest bus. By nailing that retro approach with a hummable and killer melody, “Gord’s Horse” sounds like it’s built for singing around a campfire.

“Gords Horse” comes from the band’s tour-only cassette of the same name, available on the road at the dates below. Mikey Young (Total Control, ECSR, etc.) mastered the damn thing, too. Scoop one up before those collector douches get the chance to gouge you. Woozy, harmony filled, vintage tinged rock’n’roll with just the right amount of twang gives Gord’s Horse the perfect laid back slacker vibe. One to kick back and fire up a big one for…

Lead track from Gord’s Horse – a tour-only cassette album – by Cool Ghouls.