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Violent Femmes are getting ready to open Hotel Last Resort, their 10th album which is out July 26th via PIAS. The title track features the distinctive guitar-work from Television’s Tom Verlaine. “We didn’t really give him much instruction, but he did exactly what we hoped he’d do,” said VF’s Brian Ritchie. “He clearly has an affinity for the song. He must’ve really clued in on the lyrics, and he really interpreted them with a guitar.” As for those lyrics, Gordon Gano opens the song with this couplet: “I don’t change the chords anymore / The chords change themselves.”

Violent Femmes’ “Hotel Last Resort” (featuring Tom Verlaine from Television) taken from the upcoming new album ‘Hotel Last Resort’ due out July 26th, 2019.

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Violent Femmes is the band’s most successful album to date and achieved a rare feat by going gold, four years after its release, and then later platinum, four years after that, without ever having yet made an appearance on the  album chart. After achieving platinum certification on February 1st, 1991, eight years after its initial release the album finally entered the Billboard album chart for the first time on August 3, 1991″. Quite simply ,the Violent Femmes’ self-titled album was the quintessential hymnal for the disaffected youth of America in the ’80s. With its jangly folk-punk frustration and venom-spitting lyrics, the debut featured tracks  “Blister in The Sun,” “Kiss Off” and “Add it Up,” arguably the three best Anthems of the proudly maladjusted ever penned.

Most of the songs on both this album and its follow-up were written when the songwriter, Gordon Gano, was 18 years old and still in high school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Its one of the most distinctive records of the early alternative movement and an enduring cult classic”, noting that “the music also owes something to the Modern Lovers’ minimalism, but powered by Brian Ritchie’s busy acoustic bass riffing and the urgency and wild abandon of punk rock, the Femmes forged a sound all their own

Nothing sounded like it before and nothing has since captured the sublime and perverse joy of teenage angst and adolescent anarchy like the Violent Femmes. In fact, just listening to “Add it Up” has been known to cause acne, awkward haircuts and ripped jeans

In 2002, Rhino Records remastered the album, filled out the disc’s length with demos, and added another disc of live tracks and a radio interview for a 20th anniversary special edition, with liner notes by Michael Azerrad.

Violent Femmes
  • Victor DeLorenzo – snare drum, tranceaphone, drum set, bass drum, backing vocals
  • Gordon Gano – acoustic and electric guitars, violin, lead vocals
  • Brian Ritchie – acoustic and electric bass guitars, xylophone, backing vocals