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Ian Hunter: not-so-young dude

Even at what he calls “the exalted age of seventy-seven”, Ian Hunter still finds it impossible to take the easy career path. After all, this is the man who quit Mott The Hoople when they were about to break through in America, then when the band reunited 35 years later, made sure he got his latest solo album out before dates were announced. Now, in the same month that behemoth 30-disc retrospective Stranded In Reality is set to land, he’s made damn sure he releases another new set that can hold its own against anything in the mega-box.
We loved this album. Pure, unadulterated, 9/10 loved it, with our reviewer pointing out that “Ian Hunter has written and recorded more exhilarating, evocative or provocative songs since he turned 60 than any of his superstar contemporaries have managed”. As you can imagine, it’s a rollicking set of rock’n’toll infused with blues, folk and offbeat lyricism, and it’s well worth a listen

Ian Hunter’s new album ‘Fingers Crossed’ is out on the 16th September