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DEAP VALLY – ” Critic “

Posted: April 2, 2017 in MUSIC
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Deap Vally Critic Video

Deap Vally are usually known for their brash, gritty sound (as heard on their excellent 2016 album “Femejism”, but they have a somewhat softer side too. “Critic,” is one of their quieter, more melodic songs, is about the hypocrisy inherent in social media and online commentary, though it’s not without attitude either  drummer/vocalist Julie Edwards calls it a “punk lullaby.”

“Critic” is the brand new track from Deap Vally’s new album “Femejism”, out now!


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The title of Deap Vally’s second studio album, it’s probably obvious that the California blues rock duo is done with “Feminism”  the subject two women in the band must always expect to address in interviews, the superficial buzzword that sticks to female artists in the 21st century whether they like it or not. Julie Edwards and Lindsey Troy’s frustration at being pigeonholed by ideology is a new shade to Deap Vally. They’ve also forged ahead into fresher sonic territory on their latest album, Femejism, with the help of producer Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs .

Femejism won’t make the comparisons to the Black Keys disappear, but it is heftier and fuller than previous album Sistrionix, showcasing forays into other genres like the unsubtly titled “Post Funk” and “Grunge Bond”. Edwards shines on the former, her galloping drum patterns propelling Troy’s bright, confident riffs. On the latter, the band ride a thrumming guitar line, a rusted razor blade plucked straight out of Nirvana’s repertoire circa Bleach. On the single Gonnawanna”, Deap Vally aim for arenas with airy sweeps of guitar and a simple, triumphant chorus: “I’m gonna! Do! What! I wanna!”

Filmmaker John Stavas made us this awesome lyric video for ‘Smile More’ a couple weeks ago. Share the video and tag a friend you love going to gigs with to enter to win tickets for you and your friend. Make sure to include what city you’re in!

Smile More is from our new album Femejism

“Smile More” is the brand new single from Deap Vally’s forthcoming album “Femejism”, out September 16th 2016

Long-time favourites Deap Vally have just given us a camp-tastic video for new track ‘Little Baby Beauty Queen’. It features heavy plastic ornaments, a touch fo sparkle and a contestant form Ru-Pauls Drag Race.

The duo, comprised of Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards also have a starring role in the clip alongside Trixie Mattel (the aforementioned contestant) in the mystery plot directed by Darren Stein. The track itself is vintage Deap Vally. A heavy explosion of rock and roll with a double dose of rhythm.

It pounds, it thrashes, it has a drag queen co-star. Little Baby Beauty Queen”” is the brand new track from Deap Vally’s new album “Femejism”, out now