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This exquisite Roanoke, Virginia-based three-piece’s latest work finds them re-visiting the shimmering guitar textures from their earlier albums while retaining some of the sneaky toughness that marked last year’s The Drop Beneath. Nicole Yun displays considerable vocal range throughout the 10 tracks, and her ace guitar work is both nuanced and tenacious. Sturdy bassist Jonathan Woods and one-of-a-kind drummer Daniel Cundiff are total pros in the rhythm department, injecting each track with whatever it asks for, if not more. If ever a record should be a soundtrack to your daydreams, Gold & Stone can safely play the part.

Eternal Summers’ fourth album, “Gold And Stone”, is out today, and in anticipation of the release they’ve shared a video for the title track. It’s a subdued, black-and-white clip that occasionally features bursts of color that flicker in, covering one of the figures, before rescinding back to the two-tone palette. The song is the same windswept loveliness we’ve come to expect from the Virginia dream-pop trio; all sweeping, chiming guitar lacework and Nicole Yun’s effervescent vocals. Watch the Wade Vanover-directed clip, “Gold and Stone” is Eternal Summers burrow deeper into feedback-drenched guitars and just-sweet-enough vocals, displaying a newfound urgency”


The Roanoke-based trio of Nicole Yun (guitar/vocals), Daniel Cundiff (drums) and Jonathan Woods (bass) has been fashioning clamorous indie pop since 2009. On their fourth full-length, “Gold and Stone”, Eternal Summers burrow deeper into feedback-drenched guitars and just-sweet-enough vocals, displaying a newfound urgency on songs like the charging “Bloom” and the whispery “Ebb Tide.” They’re hitting the road at the end of May, kicking their tour off at the NYC Popfest, where they’ll be sharing the bill with similarly heart-on-sleeve acts like Club 8 and the Darling Buds. limited-edition seven-inches on lollipop-colored vinyl,

“Together or Alone,” the first single from Gold & Stone, is feisty yet wistful, with Yun’s voice ping-ponging between a sigh and a yelp.

When the band first started, I wrote those short, jangly nuggets of songs while noodling around with vocal ideas. [We didn’t] worry about guitars until later. A lot of that was because I really sucked at guitar and wanted to highlight my strength, which is writing tunes. I’ve slowly gotten a little bit better at guitar over the years, but I thought it would be cool to go back to that method of just humming something and seeing what happens.”

Eternal Summers



Eternal Summers on Kanine Records, Virginia indie-pop duo turned trio Eternal Summers are back less than a year after offering last spring’s “The Drop Beneath”. Today they announce their fourth album, Gold And Stone. Continuing to combine crystalline pop sensibilities with ’90s alt-rock influences, the band displays its distinctive musicality on lead single “Together Or Alone.” Mildly distorted guitars, quick drum hits, and choppy bass guitar strokes wrap around Nicole Yun’s light, floating vocals before she taps into her wild side for an energetic bridge that ramps things up before the fadeout. It’s a sign of good things to come,


Posted: January 18, 2015 in MUSIC


Eternal Summers are a rock band from Roanoke, Virginia. Singer/guitarist Nicole Yun and drummer Daniel Cundiff started Eternal Summers in 2009 as a duo after being introduced by their eventual bassist, Jonathan Woods.



Eternal Summers – The Drop Beneath: Virginia hasn’t always been the most highly productive of states in rock ‘n roll, but Roanoke’s Eternal Summers hit a sweet spot on their third LP of something that channels the classic Slumberland sound with something a bit more aggressive. Doug Gillard’s production doesn’t hurt and the end result is an album that sounds simultaneously classic and invigorating.