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Dinosaur Jr have just released a new live album, Emptiness at The Sinclair. It was recorded at Boston’s The Sinclair for a livestream show back in May that, as the title suggests, had them playing to largely empty room. “Playing for a livestream is like pushing a rock up a hill trying to recreate the vibe of a real show,” says Lou Barlow. “The isolation of the last year had made me nervous about performing again, especially in the context of Dinosaur Jr. where I typically rely on the energy of our crowd. Playing to an invisible audience and a real-time sparsely populated room of people doing their jobs (running lights, sound and staring at screens) was something different and, again, weird.”

Lou continues, “Despite all my lockdown doubts once we started playing things clicked. My mind didn’t hijack me and it quickly began to feel like a real show. Having a few decent gigs on the Sinclair stage before, it began to feel familiar and, for lack of a better word, friendly. It will be much more of a relief to get back on tour but, this Sinclair show was a good band-aid, so to speak.“

Emptiness at The Sinclair” has J, Lou and Murph ripping through songs from throughout their catalogue, including classics like “Freak Scene,” “Feel the Pain,” and their cover of The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven” to songs from this year’s great Sweep it Into Space.

You can pick up “Sweep it Into Space” on translucent purple vinyl, and “Hand it Over” on deluxe 2-LP purple vinyl, along with other Dinosaur Jr vinyl,