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Calexico - 2015 - COVER

“Falling From The Sky” by Calexico from the album ‘Edge of the Sun,’ out now via Anti- and City Slang, ‘Edge Of The Sun’ is a big party in the desert heat with many friends, a great composite work and probably their best album to date. Joey and the boys have re-found their Mojo. I’m pleased to say gone are the sombre sobering sounds of Algiers, to be replaced by vibrant up tempo songs that soar with the joyous melodies that made Hot Rail and Feast of Wire such originals. The sweeping Leone instrumentals are back along with the Mariachi Horns & strings. There are still shades of Dark and Light here, but even the slower numbers smoulder with energy and the band sound re-energised by their experiences in Mexico, with the album far more engaging for it. A wonderful mix of the classic Calexico sound, more latin influenced this time around with even a touch of Mexi-Skali to get the feet tapping. Oh, and make sure you get the special 2 disc edition, the bonus tracks are wonderful! This one is going to be a stayer on the Turntable for some time…order has been restored in Americana

Calexico has a special place in my heart, they put on a awesome set earlier this year , the familiarity of a beloved old friend, albeit one who lives on the US/Mexico border.  Calexico are a band Ive followed for such a long time, Follow the River is a sad, wistful song that offers hope,