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There was the shoegaze phase some years back so at some point, after working my way through the staple bands (My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Slowdive, The Jesus and Mary Chain, etc.), I stumbled upon Hum possibly through fellow ’90s Chicago bands Pinebender or Lovesliescrushing. Hum were more aggressive than many of the other shoegaze bands I was listening to, thanks to their post-hardcore and metal roots, and their 1998 album, Downward Is Heavenward, left a big impression on me with its scorching riffs and heavy use of phasers. Two years after that album came out, they got dropped by their label and called it quits, but this week, 22 years after the release of that record, they surprise-released a new LP called Inlet. As expected, there are plenty of thick, driving and flat-out thundering guitar passages (“Waves” and “The Summoning” will blow your head off), and their sensitive, mystical sides come out too (“Desert Rambler,” “Shapeshifter”). It’ll take a while to explore all the nuances of their smouldering soundscapes, but this album is an instant listening winner.

Hum is happy to announce the release of our new album, Inlet. Vinyl (180g double LP), CD, pre-order via Polyvinyl Records “Waves” the first single from  Hum’s new album “Inlet”Earth Analog Records Released on: 24th June 2020.
The Band:
Matt Talbott,
Tim Lash,
Jeff Dimpsey,
Bryan St. Pere,

The record is also available for consumption at and will ripple out to all digital platforms within the week.