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Downhaul - PROOF

Downhaul returns with their sophomore album, “Proof”, this May. Listen to the new single, “Standing Water”, out now on all music and streaming services. 

Downhaul‘s new album Proof is a definitive step towards a sound tangled in the dense mystery of the South. It’s unabashed, dense, and jarringly honest. No bullshit, the opener is seven minutes long and the tracks are surrounded by atmospheric, blurry transitions fine-tuned by producer/mixer/engineer Chris Teti (TWIABP, Fiddlehead). An album that truly exists in its own universe, Proof comes out on May 21st. 

Today the band shares a new song called “Standing Water,” and it works as a sort of map through the very environment that bred these songs. Visions of college in a harbour-side Virginia town are woven throughout the verses, just detailed enough to sketch the base of a portrait, but leaving you to fill in your own details. “Memories are vignettes—the corners darken first,” vocalist/guitarist Gordon Phillips explains. “Supporting details or peripheral elements of lived experiences are hard to hold onto as time passes, but the stuff in the middle of the picture hangs around awhile, for better or for worse.”


Wanting to preserve what the song meant for him, he drove the hour from the band’s new base in Richmond, back to the place where the “water doesn’t go anywhere. It stands.”

Built brick by brick with soaring synths, drawling guitars tones, rumbling bass, and topped by Gordon’s southeast born and bred accent slinging witty cynicisms, Proof is Downhaul embracing the weight they always toyed with. They’re putting their foot down. All gas, no brakes.

Andrew Seymour – drums, percussion, vocals
Patrick Davis – bass guitar, vocals
Robbie Ludvigsen – electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals
Gordon Phillips – vocals, baritone guitar

Evan King – vocals on The Ladder
Maxwell Stern – lap steel on Bury, The Ladder, Interlude, About Leaving

Releases May 21st, 2021