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After a ten year hiatus, Doves return with their fifth studio LP The Universal Want. The headline is; it’s really good. Ten tracks that slowly evolve and echo into one another, it’s full of ebbs and flows with building and brooding instrumental sections that flourish into really euphoric arrangements. Doves remain masters of driving and euphoric anthems. Whether this is a return or a final transmission, it’s another fine addition to their excellent discography. Our Record of the Week and one we’ll be playing a lot.

After an 11-year hiatus, their fifth album captures the sound of organic inspiration manifesting in inquisitive, yet masterful, genre chemistry and vast, immediate song writing.

Refusing once more to fall into predictable, guitar-bass-drums dynamics, the record’s overwhelming sense of intrigue owes everything to Doves’ three decades experience and an autobiographical trip through the sounds of their own lives. from seaside amusements (Carousels) and the remembered heat of acid house (Universal Want) to the aimless summer days of youth (Forest House), each song sets a new reel running to show fragments of their lives and, in turn, those of their listeners. shadows of Bowie, rare 70’s soul, detroit house and afrobeat are cast subtly across the shapeshifting album. “this time Doves shift their gaze from upward to inward and the results are spellbinding and beautiful” 9/10

+ The Indie Edition is pressed on heavyweight white vinyl.
+ Also available as a very limited Box Set Edition that is going to go pretty quick.

Doves forthcoming album The Universal Want.

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Doves have announced details of their first album in 11 years as well as sharing new single ‘Prisoners’. Having recently shared the Tony Allen-sampling comeback single ‘Carousels‘, the indie veterans have now revealed that they’ll be dropping their fifth album ‘The Universal Want’ in September. Speaking about the cosmic new track ‘Prisoners’, Goodwin said that it held a lot of the band’s “DNA” of hoping for a better tomorrow.

“‘Prisoners’ is about that yearning that Doves have always had,” said Goodwin. “Just over the horizon, there’s always something better. Sometimes we get trapped by our own behaviour. You can be a prisoner of your own thoughts. They can take you to some pretty dark and unexpected places if you let them. It’s a song about checking yourself. It’s not to do with lockdown or the pandemic, it’s just the day to day wellbeing. A lot of Doves lyrics are shot through with that notion of having a word with yourself.”

The frontman continued: “Self care is getting easier, and it should never have been taboo to speak about mental health. People are more inclined to show their emotions a bit more these days. A problem shared is a problem halved. There’s nothing wrong with saying, ‘This life caper is hard’.” “It’s probably the most organically-made Doves record,” he said. “No one was second-guessing it. It was born out of chatting to each other over email. I was meant to be doing my next solo record and they were supposed to be doing a new Black Rivers album. We started pooling all our material and the material that we couldn’t work into shape on the last record ‘Kingdom Of Rust’.”

We are excited to announce that our new album ‘The Universal Want’ will be released on Friday September 11th on EMI Records.

Released on vinyl, CD, limited edition box set and exclusive signed formats available from the official Doves store. The album has got the stamp of ‘the time’ all over it. Everything on the album is an echo. It’s an echo of what we were going through at the time. Getting back together, the Royal Albert Hall and everything else. “Time really does fly and I can’t believe it’s been 11 years,” he said. “We’re friends at the end of the day, and we just clicked back into place like it was yesterday. It’s nice to have had that space between the records. It was starting to feel like punching the clock a little bit before we took a break.”

Describing last year’s comeback shows as “absolutely wonderful”, Goodwin explained how the band were planning to hit the road again in 2021 and share more new music with fans.

“We’re rehearsing songs from the new album so we’ll be ready when we’re allowed to play live again next year,” he said. “There was originally talk of doing a theatre tour this September, but the pandemic came along and put that to bed. Our first gig back at the Royal Albert Hall was so special, and we couldn’t have dreamed of a better cause or a better building to play for people who wanted to see us operate.” Goodwin added: “We find ourselves in the middle of such strange world events. It’s still exciting to be releasing music, because I’m dead proud of what we’ve managed to pull together after 11 years. It’s like what Picasso said when German troops marched into Paris. He was painting an apple at the time and said, ‘Keep drawing your apple’. Keep doing what you do.”

the The Universal Want will be released on Friday September 11th on EMI Records.