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Graham Parker has lost none of his bitter finesse with words over the years. I have always seen him as an English answer to Dylan. This album does not disappoint on that score with its unexpected imagery and cynical twists. Musically though things have consistently improved as he experiments more, takes more risks by sometimes using less, and trusting himself to produce.
Don’t get me wrong: his harder soul albums are still to be heard blaring from my speakers frequently, but the sweeping sadness of tracks like ‘The Other Side of the Reservoir’ are there daily. Part Van Morrison, Part Stones but all Graham Parker.

This is an album of renewed vigour so why does he still not get renewed recognition?, Not even a slot on Jools Holland, “Don’t Tell Columbus” crackles with desperation and redemption sung with rich, complicated emotional power. And hooks, lots and lots of hook. It is unhealthy, perhapes even obscene, that someone should be able to come up with an album this good this far into their career.