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“Touch my body, touch my soul, revolution rock & roll,” singer-pianist Adam Weiner sings at this Philadelphia band’s SXSW getdown, like a preacher certain that he’s firing the Lord’s work across the room. Weiner may look and sound like a missionary from a distant age – sporting Marlon Brando’s tenement-lothario T-shirt from A Streetcar Named Desire; hammering his ivories like Jerry Lee Lewis, bent over from a standing position on his piano seat. But Low Cut Connie, who are a roaring quintet that sounds as loud and full as the early E Street Band, are absolutely contemporary in their drive to old-school joy.Tracks  “Revolution Rock n Roll” and “Dirty Water,” both on this album, Weiner’s showmanship in the cover of Prince’s pneumatic march “Controversy,” also on “Dirty Pictures.” Live He spends time strutting through the crowd, passing out high-fives; standing on the bar in the back, conducting the Connies then, after the big, final chord, Weiner jumps to the floor and marches out the door to the street. Low Cut Connie, like the Seventies Elvis, had left the building. For a good time, be there when they get to your town.