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Part Time - "I Can Treat You Better" (Feat. Ariel Pink)

David Loca, also known as David Speck, has been making ’80s-indebted weird-pop under the name Part Time for a long while now. (We named the project a Band To Watch way back in 2011.) And now he’s teamed up with fellow ’80s weird-pop auteur Ariel Pink for new song “I Can Treat You Better,” the lead single from his forthcoming full-length Spell #6. The album finds Loca nudging his murky lo-fi songcraft into the light — he rerecorded the LP in his drummer’s studio, as opposed to keeping things in his bedroom — and “I Can Treat You Better” is a synth-flecked soft-rock jam with a killer sax solo.

Spell #6 is out 11/2 via Burger/Tough Love Records.

“I Can Treat You Better ft. Ariel Pink” Spell #6 Burger / Tough Love Records (2018)