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Its a good day for aging ‘90s alt-rock fans we’ve got a new tune from PJ Harvey as well. Called “An Acre Of Land,” the song sees Polly Jean teaming up with film composer Harry Escott (Hard Candy, Shame) for a composition that recalls a more pastoral take on the Gothic sound of her 2007 album White Chalk. As on that album, here Harvey sings about wildflowers and windswept moors over plucking notes of zither and lonely strumming guitar. But she does so in her natural vocal register, a difference that makes “An Acre Of Land” exponentially warmer than anything on White Chalk.

The song was written for Dark River, Clio Bernard’s socio-realist psychodrama about a pair of siblings trying to heal the wounds of the past as they come together to take over their late parents’ farm. (How very British.) the song is lovely, if also rather bleak.