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And another band from the Capital Region of New York coming in hot to this list. Coupons is a band made up of some of the best songwriters of the area. This album wasn’t supposed to exist as everyone was doing their own thing, but the universe brought the group back together to make this happen. They also had a preview show for some of these songs the weekend before lockdown and it was magical and one of the best memories of the year. Dan LaFave and Collin Reynolds are the main songwriters of the group, but Dan Maddalone’s songwriting contributions on this record are fantastic. “90’s Kids” kicks us off with a pseudo Kinks tune with those beautiful weird 60’s organ noises that hit right before the chorus. “Moz Disco” rips with soaring guitars, a disco drum beat, and strong vocals by Collin.

“I Wanted” would have fit right in with the punk of the early 2000’s with its gruff vocals and driving guitar chords. “Synesthesia” shows the band can get loose and jam a little, letting some funky guitar solos fly all over the place. “Hard Candy” continues the weirdness, going in and out of this spacey whirlwind and a more folky vibe. “Ansel” is easily one of the saddest songs of the year, dealing with the death of a friend. “The Beginning” and “Tongues” are both upbeat rockers musically ready to make you bop around the house. The record ends on a cathartic “Cars (Part 2)” loosely connecting their two albums, this and Number One Hit Album from 2016, together. This band truly could play any room in the country and wow you, but you know pandemic.


Coupons is:
Dan LaFave,
Collin Reynolds,
Shannon Straney,
Dylan DePice,
Dan Maddalone,

Recorded at Soundcheck Republic, The Chateau, and Headroom Studios June-October 2019

Released September 4th, 2020