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Sour Widows are a bedroom rock band from the Bay Area comprised of long time friends Maia Sinaiko, Susanna Thomson, and Max Edelman. Songs marked by driving harmonies address themes of relationship and reflection; layers of warmth, depth, and grit surface and fade in their two-guitar dynamic. Through progressions that shift from subtle to biting, Sour Widows expose tender moments with an edge.

The trio Sour Widows‘ first proper release was their self-titled 2020 EP, and as promising as that EP is, it couldn’t prepare you for how stunning “Crossing Over”¬†would be. It casually blurs the lines between genre — incorporating elements of ’70s Laurel Canyon folk, ’90s slowcore and shoegaze, Sharon Van Etten-esque indie rock, and just a slight hint of psychedelia — and the results are genuinely alluring. It’s just a four-song EP, but it doesn’t feel like a low-stakes project. It feels complete, and it marks the arrival of a great new band. The EP as a whole is a better representation of this band than any individual song, but if there’s one major standout track, it’s the nearly-eight minute title track. It channels the spirit of jammy, psychedelic ’60s/’70s folk rock, and it’s as hypnotic as the genre’s pioneers were half a century ago.


Released April 23rd, 2021

Songs Written by Sour Widows

Guitar and vocals: Susanna Thomson
Guitar and vocals: Maia Sinaiko
Drums: Max Edelman
Bass: Timmy Stabler