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I hope everyone has been having productive and enjoyable years so far. Obviously I write to you all within odd times and I hope everyone is finding ways to cope and get what they can out of each day. I’ve had my moments that’s for sure! The music industry is a very uncertain place currently and it’s been real easy to start freaking out on occasion. But hey, we can only do our best to live each day to its full potential and enjoy and create within every moment that it is possible. I’m by no means maintaining that attitude but its what I aim for most days haha. 

The final piece of the release puzzle for the Australian EP, ‘The End’, is ready to go! Its a documentary style short film created by my good friend and collaborator Connor Rancan. The film goes into the adventures we had through the blue mountains recording ‘The End’ and how the cathartic nature of the songs has given quite the apex of energy to this 4 EP project. That energy and excitement is brought to you via a bunch of footage of me walking around the tops of mountains and singing from the edges of cliffs. 

In the final instalment of Kim Churchill’s 4 EP collection, ‘I Am Forgetting The End Again’, Kim sets out to show the completion of a cycle – As he moves through an ending and on to a beginning. ‘Waiting for the Sun’ is the gentle pinks and golds that spill into the sky before dawn. The small stirrings of the wind as a beautiful bold summers day approaches. We are still contemplating the darkness that surrounds us, but with the notion we will soon be rising and moving into something completely bright and unknown. It is the end of an exhale – where we consider the breath we’ve taken and sit in humility for a moment – before, again, breathing in.

The good news is ‘Again’ comes out Today! Its a bit of a surprise release. I’m just so keen to get it out there and sometimes find the endless building of excitement around a release a little performative. I wanted to simply throw this one into the world and see how many times it skipped across the surface. Kim Churchill