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Last year, Indiana based songwriter Kevin Krauter recorded his debut EP while attending school in Muncie. The songs were a collection of old demos thrown together into a six-song EP for a friend’s semester project. A year later, the same friend approached Krauter with the idea for another six-song project. This time, Krauter had been writing new songs over the past year with the intention of releasing them together on an album. What resulted is a cohesive collection of songs that range from a multitude of influences from bossa nova to Americana. Each song is born from a different emotional/personal background, but they each follow a theme of change and growth. Using his solo work as an outlet for non-Hoops material, Changes is Krauter’s first attempt at writing and recording a set of songs that flow together thematically while maintaining their own distinctive sound and feeling. Changes was released on December 2nd on Winspear & Warm Ratio.


Originally released December 2nd, 2016

All songs written and performed by Kevin Krauter with Keagan Beresford (electric piano/organ on tracks 1 & 5 and electric guitar on track 6) and Adam Jefferies (trumpet on tracks 1 & 2).