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Happy Fangs is San Francisco’s war-painted and wiry rock trio poised to release their first LP, Capricorn on January 27, 2015. Happy Fangs is a band of three front-persons. Vocalist Rebecca Bortman, formerly of My First Earthquake & guitarist Michael Cobra, formerly of King Loses Crown, played their first show as Happy Fangs in 2012. She brings her high-energy vocals. He brings his grit-pop guitar. Together they make punk anthems to make The Beach Boys, Blondie, & Bikini Kill proud, Happy Fangs’ live shows juxtapose strong black and white visuals with their contrasting pop meets rock sound. Each show is a flurry of enthusiasm, loud guitars and hard-hitting drums—the trio writes an original song at each show based on an audience’s suggestion. Some people say rock is making a comeback. Happy Fangs is proof that rock-n-roll is here to stay.

January marked the one-year anniversary of the addition of drummer Jess Gowrie of Sacramento’s I’m Dirty Too, a duo with Tycho’s Zac Brown. Together, the band creates rambunctious anthems, which SF Weekly describes as “insanely fun riot grrrl ferociousness.”