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I have little or no knowledge of the intricacies and tradition of swiftly picked 12-string folk music of the type played by Jim Ghedi and Toby Hay on The Hawksworth Grove Sessions. It’s a music that arrives in my ears via Laura Cannell’s recommendation over at our friends Caught By The River, rather than PR or record label machinations – and what a blessed relief it is. Masterful, intricate playing is actually often the sort of thing I can find myself reacting against – too earnest, too technically accomplished, too lacking in the cracks of ability through which the madness of inspiration might pour – but this 10-track album is an absolute delight and a balm for saturated times. Ghedi and Hay apparently composed the pieces while touring together, inspired by the landscapes in which they spend their daily lives. Their dexterity on the strings creates a sonic density that touches the psychedelic; it conjures an uncanny human presence, as if they’ve snared old ghosts and forgotten voices, and given them new life


Released October 12th, 2018
Jim Ghedi – 6 string guitar
Toby Hay – 12 string guitar