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The Brooklyn rising star, Pearla, has released the second offering from her forthcoming debut EP,“Quilting & Other Activities”. A whimsical five-and-a-half minutes of pure folk-pop, “Quilting” is a beautiful tune, well worth your time.

This is another spectacular showcase of Pearla’s poignant songwriting, with the 22-year-old having this to say about the compelling track:

‘Quilting’ is about attachment and the addictive nature of comfort. It’s about coming out of a fog and facing yourself for the first time after spending too long wrapped up in others. For me, those first moments alone after the end of a relationship were unbearable, and I found myself reaching out arbitrarily just for the sake of having something to hold or something to do. The song is about me having this belief that I should be enough for myself, but not being able to fully realise it.


Quilting & Other Activities is set for release on September 6th.